I’m a postdoc researcher at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), UC Santa Barbara. I am working on the Iterative Eden Project (IEP), a UCSB-based initiative to develop the scientific basis for a sustainable world of 10 billion people.

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Me on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. July 2019.

villager is up on CRAN

Shout out to my colleagues on the SeibalSim Project, Gerardo Aldana (UCSB), Toni Gonzalez (UCSB), and especially Tommy Thelen (NCEAS) for getting this thing ready for primetime. The new R package, villager, is a great new tool to carry out agent-based modeling work. It is designed for archaeologists and non-expert modelers to test their ideasContinue reading “villager is up on CRAN”

Press from CROs Nature paper

David Vetter writes in Forbes that CROs have great potential in carbon markets, after interviewing lead-author Johannes Bednar and co-authors Myles Allen and Michael Obersteiner. Also contains an audio rendition. Writing in Cosmos, Ellen Phiddian connects the possible application of CROs to a report from a Swiss reinsurance institute that explains the enormous potential costContinue reading “Press from CROs Nature paper”


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