Press from CROs Nature paper

  • David Vetter writes in Forbes that CROs have great potential in carbon markets, after interviewing lead-author Johannes Bednar and co-authors Myles Allen and Michael Obersteiner. Also contains an audio rendition.
  • Writing in Cosmos, Ellen Phiddian connects the possible application of CROs to a report from a Swiss reinsurance institute that explains the enormous potential cost of global warming.
  • Emily Pontecorvo writes in Grist that CROs could be understood as IOUs for future carbon removal, with interviews from Johannes and me; and includes an interesting critique of what CROs could mean if implemented in a totally unregulated way.
  • Sarah DeWeerdt writes in Anthropocene how CROs recast carbon debt as financial debt, and could spur innovation in carbon removal technologies, with interviews from Johannes and co-author Fabian Wagner.


  • I was invited to put an op-ed about CROs in the Pacific Coast Business Times.
  • Also, the NCEAS press release was picked up in Edhat, a local Santa Barbara online newspaper. Now, I usually adore some of the batshit crazy theories I hear from Californians, but the Comments section here from fellow Santa Barbara-ites drives me nuts! (It seems less-than-professional to reply in the Comments directly. It’s clear, anyway, that people don’t read articles for content before sounding off. My lesson is to be much clearer in my writing: “CROs are an alternative to carbon taxes. They are not taxes.”)

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