Some weekend thoughts on causation and climate

I’m reading The Book of Why by Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie, which explains Pearl’s career-long struggle to put causation back into the science that was once statistics and is now becoming something larger. By “was once statistics” I mean the school devoted to radical empiricism: there is nothing but the data, who are (perhapsContinue reading “Some weekend thoughts on causation and climate”

Press from CROs Nature paper

David Vetter writes in Forbes that CROs have great potential in carbon markets, after interviewing lead-author Johannes Bednar and co-authors Myles Allen and Michael Obersteiner. Also contains an audio rendition. Writing in Cosmos, Ellen Phiddian connects the possible application of CROs to a report from a Swiss reinsurance institute that explains the enormous potential costContinue reading “Press from CROs Nature paper”

Operationalizing the net negative carbon economy

I am happy to announce that Johannes’ paper, on which I am a co-author, has just been published in Nature. Embargo ended at 8 AM California time today. See the IIASA press release here. Bednar, J., Obersteiner, M., Baklanov, A., Thomson, M., Wagner, F., Geden, O., Allen, M., Hall, J. (2021). Operationalizing the net negativeContinue reading “Operationalizing the net negative carbon economy”

Hot topic

The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament is being played out during a heat wave in Europe, including some of the warmest temperatures in recorded history (which is pretty long there). A friend of mine in Vienna was texting his complaints about it to me today. Well, California says, “hold my kombucha”: Update: The hottest temperatures everContinue reading “Hot topic”

The trouble with CH4

One of my former colleagues at IIASA, Lena Höglund-Isaksson, speaks to The World (a syndicated radio program from Public Radio International & National Public Radio in the USA) about her work on the new UN report on methane emissions.

Thinking about stranded energy assets today

Cheeky stuff when utilities attack new suppliers’ free market access, although it shouldn’t be surprising. I have been interested for some time in how big energy companies (from utilities to the fossil fuel industry suppliers) will attempt to liquidate assets that don’t really have another use. If what we now face really is a rapidlyContinue reading “Thinking about stranded energy assets today”