A one-person, packable lake coring rig


We designed and built a floating rig for coring top-level sediments on a small lake or pond. This rig was designed for ease of packing, assembly, and use by a 2-person team. It is light enough to be backed in by 2 people, assembled in 25 minutes, and used by one researcher to core a shallow lake. The rig was tested and used successfully to recover cores from several small subalpine and alpine lakes in Utah, with one researcher on board and as few as one other researcher on shore with a tether.

Download PDF description (v0.8) here: Coring rig

That’s me taking a lake sediment core from Denise Lake in the Uinta Mountains, UT, 09/2012, as part of a study on climate change in high elevation environments. Photo: M. Henderson.


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