You get what you vote for

Here are 2 recent (post-“inexplicable-US-failure-to-respond-to-COVID-19”) articles from The Atlantic that might be worth looking at. One claims that “It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain” and the other that “If somebody other than Donald Trump were in the White House, the coronavirus crisis would not be unfolding this way“. Although I am linking both articles, which indexes them more highly on Google searches, I’m omitting their titles and the authors’ names. This is because I hold both of the authors responsible, to some degree, for the situation the country (and even the world) now faces. On the other hand, the first article, in particular, make me feel a little better, although I’m not sure I yet believe that the Trump presidency is through; worst, I’m not entirely sure it matters. (I will try and develop the last point before too long, because it deserves to be developed. It is not me merely being blithely cynical.)

This is my dog sticking his face in a hole in the ground. He does this all the time out of instinct. Although it is unlikely, it is a risk that, in southern California, there could be a rattlesnake in one of these; so it’s risky. But he doesn’t know about mortality, risk, or why average daily energy output of 110% is a biochemical impossibility. So he’s no genius. Hence he’s my image for this post.
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