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The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament is being played out during a heat wave in Europe, including some of the warmest temperatures in recorded history (which is pretty long there). A friend of mine in Vienna was texting his complaints about it to me today.

Well, California says, “hold my kombucha”:

Update: The hottest temperatures ever recorded in Canada were just seen in interior British Colombia. From ECCC* Weather British Colombia: “Lytton’s official high temperature today June 27, 2021 is 46.6 C. Lytton BC now holds the record for Canada’s all time maximum high. The previous record was 45.0 C set on July 5, 1937 at Yellow Grass, and Midale, SK.” Lytton is a mountain village on the Fraser River. We may find out in the future that there was some other phenomenon (e.g., adiabatic heating) contributing to the high, because this is genuinely a smashed record: +1.6ºC from the previous one. And, to be clear, we’re not yet in the traditional peak of the summer hot season.

* TIL The federal agency Environment Canada had a name change in 2015 to Environment and Climate Change Canada. And when I was scouting for a postdoc to move back to Canada in 2016/17, there wasn’t even a functional website like this. Positive change.

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