Not a race we want to be in, let alone win

Happy It’s Earth Overshoot Day! “With Earth Overshoot Day occurring ever earlier in the year, and a big part of it being the growing amounts of CO2 emissions, the importance of decisive action is becoming ever more evident. For this reason, we are working with all parties to find effective approaches.” María Carolina SchmidtContinue reading “Not a race we want to be in, let alone win”

FABLE Interim Report released

We at IIASA and our partner institution, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), have been working hard over the past year on the FABLE Pathways Project. Click the linked text to find the new FABLE Interim Report in full, and its Executive Summary. This interim report is a joint effort of fellow scientists from research institutions,Continue reading “FABLE Interim Report released”

Could geoengineering really help us solve the climate crisis? | New Scientist Now Cambridge is setting up a centre for climate repair? I hope they come up with a catchier name, lest someone show up with a broken bike. Human interventions in the climate system, broadly defined, have been going on throughout the Holocene, and may have made noticable changes to climate prior to 1850, aContinue reading “Could geoengineering really help us solve the climate crisis? | New Scientist”

Vote for science

While I love the Stone Age, I don’t want to live in one. So thanks, US Congress, for your intention to fund environmental sciences. When one of your members explained sea level rise by rocks falling into the ocean, I admit I got cynical.

Another possible future for Africa and the world

Africa can’t afford that this century be like its last one. No one can. These days I have Africa on the mind because we’re modelling land use systems projected to 2050, and it’s hard to keep Africans fed, healthy, and developing economically (to any reasonable standard) without wrecking the continent’s natural systems, and ultimately theContinue reading “Another possible future for Africa and the world”