Radionuclides to the rescue

This unifies two things dear to my heart: Scotch whiskey and radiocarbon. Also there’s really nothing more authentic than scammery at the centre of a story on whiskey. Historically, the control was from government sponsored monopolies, leading to illicit production and smuggling; now it’s greedy people seeking to corner the market on rare old drams,Continue reading “Radionuclides to the rescue”

The real reason some scientists downplay the risks of climate change “To scientists, we suggest that you should not view consensus as a goal. Consensus is an emergent property, something that may come forth as the result of scientific work, discussion and debate. When that occurs, it is important to articulate the consensus as clearly and specifically as possible. But where there are substantive differencesContinue reading “The real reason some scientists downplay the risks of climate change”

‘I’m standing here in the middle of climate change’: How USDA is failing farmers It upsets me that this is where we are now. We had time to prepare. But now we’re running out of road, fast. Image: Record-setting rainfall caused widespread agricultural disaster. Record-breaking rainfalls across the country overwhelmed farmers at the height of planting season, causing widespread agricultural disaster and preventing nearly 20 million acres ofContinue reading “‘I’m standing here in the middle of climate change’: How USDA is failing farmers”

FABLE Calculator is online

The Scenathon’s main implementation tool, the FABLE Calculator, is now online and open-source*. Find the documentation here and Calculator here. This tool uses data from public sources (e.g., FAO, ESA, WorldBank) and computes, from the ground up, land-use and land-use change by crop production type (e.g., cropland, pasture, forest), daily kilocalories produced (as well asContinue reading “FABLE Calculator is online”